Confused about the new energy saving regulations? Unsure of eligible incentives?

Give your property a much-needed lighting boost with the conscientious services of Energy Efficient Lighting Design. We’re dedicated to combining beauty and sustainability into truly inspired lighting designs that not only improve the aesthetics of a room but help conserve the Earth’s valuable resources. Our team partners with various residential and commercial clients that seek more energy-efficient lighting options, including:

Property Managers

Lighting upgrades---we share what we know best: cost-effective, energy saving fixtures and controls that get you the savings and incentives you want.


We listen.  We explain.  We educate.

You’re making important choices.

We take the time to simplify it all.

Interior Designers and Architects

Lighting…local laws…energy codes…

You have lots of questions.

We have lots of answers.

Real Estate Investors

Big decisions.  Lighting updates to local laws and energy codes are going into effect. We help you understand their impact.

Lamp Replacements

Have a unique light fixture that needs a lamp replacement? We search the market for the best LED options available.

Bi-level Fixtures

We have an impressive selection of highly efficient energy saving light fixtures that meet the 2016 NYCECC requirements.  Custom designs that enhance your building’s aesthetics are also available.

Energy Efficient Lighting Design is an approved Con Ed Marketing Partner and we are often referred by the NYC Retrofit Accelerator. No matter the location

or scale of your project, we provide impressive sustainable lighting design services at a white-glove level.

A personalized approach to your property’s lighting needs


To get things started, we perform an onsite audit of the property identifying all areas that need upgrading, and then,

develop an overall energy saving strategy.


Our simple process:



To get things started, we’ll perform an onsite audit of the property, identifying all areas that need upgrading and developing energy-saving strategies.


We’ll discuss all of your options, recommend products, install samples for approval, and confirm light level requirements. As part of the EELD promise, all of our recommendations are optimized to reduce your property’s energy consumption, increase the longevity of the new lighting system, and provide effective illumination that older lighting systems simply cannot match.


After approving a proposed EELD system and determining the building’s incentive eligibility, EELD submits a Con Edison application. We handle all of the paperwork and the application process from start to finish, arranging pre- and post-inspections.


We’ll work with you to successfully install the new lighting and ensure that you’re happy with the final product. Customer service is important to us at Energy Efficient Lighting Design; we offer project management services from concept to completion.